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It's January 26, and 10 years ago, a weird high schooler decided to make a jump from FanArt Central to Deviantart. It's been a crazy but very fun ten years, so many thanks for all of the laughs and what-have-you in between! :)

I thought it'd be nice to shed a little light in my comic-process at this time, so I hope you can enjoy the following "interview" that was inspired and taken from :iconkd8lmo: I'll be happy to answer any questions if you have any as well, so enjoy!

Project/Comic/Novel titles:

Ingaloo Zoo

1. When did the idea/concept first come to you?

KL: Sometime in the summer of 2008, I had a dream that involved a number of characters from an older comic I used to do off of DA called Undercover Detective. In it, the older character had gone to a cabaret show, and there were two dancing girls in it while the character were investigating patrons. When I woke up, I recalled the gals and wanted to draw them. I've always had a liking for the top-hatted showgirl look, so that kinda explains a lot there! Since the duo looked pretty diminuitive onstage, I added two more designs to make it a fuller chorus line dance pic. By February '09, I gave them names based off of Elvis Costello songs, and filled out the cast with characters from the Undercover Detective series, as that comic had been scrapped by that point but I liked some of those characters, who had been in the comic since at least 1999.

Notable early pics: Kickline by AgentC-24 Kicklineup by AgentC-24 Kickline: Everybody Poker Pg3 by AgentC-24

TP: The initial origins happend around spring on '07, when I drew a VW Beetle with a hippie couple in it. This would turn out to be the original main two characters of Daisy and Danny. I fully admit that stoner hippie culture was never my forte, so I soon turned the focus from the hippies to an early-60s designed character (as I do love the retro-cute looks of that era, beehives and all) I first drew around the same time, naming her Rosey to go along with the flower theme of Daisy (since they were sisters and all). While initially more of a snooty fussbudget, Rosey quickly became a bit more affable, especially after she found bowling as a hobby and Trish as a bowling partner!

Notable early pics: Hippies In Paradise by AgentC-24 Sixties Timepiece: Beehive by AgentC-24 TimePeace Strip: Price Dip by AgentC-24

IZ: Ingaloo Zoo started out as a TimePeace comic where Floyd was to be kidnapped by two zoo-owning villains. Those two villains soon became the more jovial and adventurous duo of Artimus and Livingston! I had wanted to do a less female and human-centric comic for a while, and these two fit the bill. When the concept of actually making a whole cast of animals became a possibility, I expanded the title to the more inclusive Ingaloo Zoo! This has been a longer work-in-process, since animals were never my strong suit, and adapting them into my style takes a while before it stops looking so awkward. Nonetheless, when there's an innocently pompous idea being sprouted, you know Arty and his endless supply of Tim-Curry-isms are there!

Notable early pics: Artimus and Livingston: Checkmates by AgentC-24 A 'n L Short: Monkey Business by AgentC-24 Sketchdump: Notebook Nonsense II by AgentC-24 (First pics of Arty, Liv, Ted AND Trish there actually)

2. What are/were your inspirations?

At this point, the DA-based inspirations have been said many a time and should be pretty apparent in my gallery. When it comes to plotlines, I try to keep my short-form improv skills in working order to help out there, as I like to run with jokes when I catch onto one (whether it be tv, movie or miscellaneous-based). Aside from that, short-form comic strips like Schulz's Peanuts as well as Amend's FoxTrot were big inspirations growing up, as well as many a 60s rock band being the driving musical force of my inspiration and motivation.

3. What genres interest you the most?

Mostly comedy, but I do enjoy sci-fi/fantasy, action as well as a mix of those with some drama thrown in (and done right).

4. How many characters do you have?

KL: There are the main four girls (Alison, Veronica, Chelsea and Candy), Goof, J-Les and maybe Rick... So seven! Others are close-to main characters, but there's always room for second-bananas after all!

TP: The primary two currently are Rosey and Trish, with Daisy, Danny and bowling owner Romeo filling out the recurring cast so far!

IZ: Artimus and Livingston still run the show, but the primary antagonists within the zoo, monkeys Edgar and Sal, have established their presence in the place while TimePeace castaways Floyd and Ted helped make this comic a bit more varied.

5. Out of all your characters who's your favorite?

Probably a combination of the three loudest characters: Candy, Chelsea and J. Leslie Carmichael. J-Les is just a blast since being a jerk of an antagonist is a load of fun to write for. Candy's upbeat and bubbly personality is a fun ray of hope in a sea of cynicism, so her demeanor is certainly a help keeping an optimistic outlook on things. And Chelsea is that special type of loud character that can fit a variety of different moods, roles and looks. She's definitely one of the most versatile characters I have and I appreciate that. The rest can be just as fun often, but I will admit these three seem to have more fun than the rest!

6. Any characters based on you or people you know?

Not entirely. I can impart traits of friends or even an occasional visual, but I tend to keep the characters less-people-based when I can.

7. What motivates you?

It can sometimes be others on DA, as I admit that I can be a competitive sunnovagun sometimes, but the love of art and creating works on my own have been a great help in motivating my own projects. My art is a hobby, and I try to remember that when I get frustrated at my art sometimes.

8. Do you see yourself ever quitting your project?

Probably not, but I think there would be a price if someone wanted the characters that badly and were the "DO NOT STEAL" type. After all, I do still (semi-)joke about thinking that the most appropriate medium for these characters would be graphics for a video-based slot machine!

9. What do you hope to do with your project in the future?

At the moment, there is an outstanding comic that I want to finish this year. After that, I may want to take a break from the comic, as I've wanted to pursue my own education a bit further than I have done with the slew of artistic promises I've gotten myself into. I love what I have done, and I certainly hope to continue, but I want to make sure that I do what's best for my own future first before my hobby takes additional precendent.

Thanks for listening, all! :thanks:
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