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With the new year in full swing, I just want to post up a new journal for commissions this year. As always, you can send me a note with any questions you may have. I may also create a commission prices pic to go along with this journal.


-Cartoons original characters, please consult gallery for style:
-Cars, usually more cartoony/caricature style. 
-Simple backgrounds and building structures. 
-NSFW material (to be dealt with on a case-to-case basis).


-Underage characters in any potentially NSFW format.
-Graphic violence or explicit nudity.
-Pictures intended to defame or demean another artist.
-Intolerant political statements.

I reserve the right to decline a commission. If I am uncomfortable with any part of the commission, I will respond back with my decline. If you are unsure about any aspect of your commission, feel free to note, and I will be happy to let you know and possibly work out a compromise.

PRICES (All Digital except sketches, Traditional images negotiable): 

Sketch - $10.00 per person, $12.00 per car  Drawlloween 15 - 1 - Ghost by AgentC-24  Drawlloween '15 - 2 - Devil by AgentC-24
Ink/Monocolor Picture - $14.00 per person, $17.00 per car  Jack Davis Style by AgentC-24  Kendora Trade by AgentC-24
Color Picture - $20.00 per person, $24.00 per car  Space-Age Dreamin' by AgentC-24  Shake, Rattle N Roll by AgentC-24
Comic Strip (4 panel max) - $30.00  Nifty 50s: Bowla Cola by AgentC-24
Comic Page (8 panel max) - $40.00  Commission: Late for the Mistletoe by AgentC-24

Backgrounds - $8-15 dollars, depending on complexity. Single color or gradient color for background complimentary.

If looking for something beyond what is listed above, just ask and I'll be happy to provide an estimate.


- Send me a note entitled "Commission" and explain what you would like to see drawn and what type of commission you would like to see (see the prices list above).
- Please be specific about what you would like to see in terms of actions, poses, outfits, expressions and colors (if it is a color commission). The more details you put in, the more I'll know exactly what you want.
-Please let me know if you do not want the picture to be posted on DeviantArt or if you wish to remain anonymous. If you do not specify, I will assume that the commission is OK to post on DeviantArt. I reserve the right to not post a commission.
-When we can agree to a commission, I will notify you where to send your payment, which will be done through PayPal before I post the picture. I may work on the commission once an agreement is made, but I will not post anything until the payment has been received.
-Please allow at least two weeks to go by before inquiring about the commission status. If something foreseen comes up that will require me to take longer, I will let you know ASAP. 
-If you want the commission done sooner, please let me know how soon you need it beforehand. Deadlines made AFTER accepting the commission that are within two weeks from the time of the initial acceptance will NOT be accepted.
-When I am finished, I will be able to send a file of the completed commission to you via DA's Stash or email if you wish. I reserve the right to retain the original physical copy of the artwork if using traditional materials.
-If you wish to post or modify the commission (ex. Coloring an ink commission), please give credit to the part of the picture that I worked on.


1. :iconjavidluffy: - Sparkling Diamond Nami

2-4. Open!

Recent Commission Work:

Hi-Boy Commission by AgentC-24  Commission: Happy Tappies by AgentC-24  Stingray Racer Concept Commission by AgentC-24  Commission: Clickline by AgentC-24  Space-Age Dreamin' by AgentC-24  Oh-So-80s Getaway by AgentC-24 
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AgentC is an artist interested in cars and cartoons. If you are interested in any of the subjects shown in his gallery, just send some feedback, and he will be happy to strike up a conversation!


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Oh, sorry for being late! ^_^
Happy New Year! ^_^
AgentC-24 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Better late than never, so no worries. :lol: Happy New Year to you as well!
Keytee-chan Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
By the way, i have made another pic with updo ^_^
AgentC-24 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Good to hear, keep on drawing what you enjoy then. :thumbsup:
acla13 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016  Professional General Artist
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I did see it, and I enjoy it! :) Many thanks. It's been a slow time catching up with comments, but I am certainly thankful for the well-wishes! :)
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Hi, How are you! Hi! 
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U ever seen Hot Wheels World Race? best movie in the universe.
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I'll have to take your word for it!
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