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2014 Edition! Who's your favorite character? 

19 deviants said Candy!
10 deviants said Chelsea!
10 deviants said Other/Can't decide/Multiple! (Comment!)
4 deviants said Rosey!
3 deviants said Artimus!
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With Halloween just about over, it's time for this month's murder mystery art jam: A Deadly Case of the Hives!

The main jist is that Rosey has been murdered at her formal party that your character was invited to! Now your characters are welcome to roam the crime scene in search of clues or hijinks! The choice is up to you!

For FAQs, please refer to this link or send me a note! A Deadly Case of the Hives Jam: FAQ'sHey all,
Hoping your month has been a little less chaotic than mine! In any case, I've been trudging along as well as drawing when I can for the upcoming November art jam. With the beginning happening in a little more than two weeks, I thought it'd be wise to post a journal addressing any of your questions. For now, I'll be posting a few factoids that should be pertinent to anyone who wants to join.
If you have any questions yourself, do not hesitate to ask in the comments or by noting me! I will be sure to respond as quickly as I can if you're unsure about anything during this jam. So here we go:
- What is this art jam all about?
The upcoming "A Deadly Case of the Hives" art jam is a showcase of artists' works in relation to the theme of a murder mystery. The basic premise is that TimePeace's resident beehived bowler Rosey has been found dead just before she's hosting her annual formal party and your characters are a part of the invest

Without further ado, here are the crime file photos! ;)


ADCotH: Death at Dinner by AgentC-24 Murder She Croaked or Die Die Love by CowboyCrocket The Mystery of the Blood-Stained Letter by Granitoons ADCotH:  Bearer of Bad News by AgentC-24 ADCotH - Who's Clues? by TopperHay The Mystery of the Blood-Stained Letter - part 1 by Granitoons ADCotH: A Step Ahead of Death by AgentC-24 The Big Kill or Right Said Dead by CowboyCrocket ADCotH: A Curious Confession by AgentC-24 ADCotH - Tyler the Master Mystery Solver by SomePkmn-lovingdude ADCotH: Set Up, Dumbed Down by AgentC-24 Art Jam Entry-Of Murders and Alliances Part 1A by Urvy1A Red Herring by LaptopGeek ADCotH - Elementary My Dear Casey by SomePkmn-lovingdude ADCotH: Carry the Evidence by AgentC-24 Snackin' on the crime scene - Murder Mystery entry by JWthaMajestic Art Jam Entry-Of Murders and Alliances Part 1B by Urvy1A I'm Sorry She Hasn't A Clue by Granitoons ADCotH - A Little Late? by SEODrawsCartoons The Mystery of the Blood-Stained Letter - part 2 by Granitoons Cheesemurder in Paradise or Don't Hold Your Death by CowboyCrocket ADCotH - Ya Lousy Bums by TopperHay ADCotH: Corri-Dolts by AgentC-24 Art Jam Entry-Of Murders and Alliances Part 1C by Urvy1A A Deadly Case of the Hives Jam entry WIP v0.1It is about... Ummm... Ten minutes since the police arrived at the scene and about a hour since the investigations started. The chief gone for the kitchen and I am not having a paw into going to the lobby. I read just enough import crime novels to know how it goes. In fact, I played twice the actual criminal to know that going to the place where a crime were committed is a bad idea if the police is present!
Okay, I get ahead of myself. Those who are reading this at home, I am Letrune Inedil, feline actress, talentless writer of the month and irregular stealthily party visitor for the Sidekicks show. I am currently in the Elwood Hotel room 312, literally the closest one I could get to my lucky number 13, since this building conveniently has no 13th rooms, doors or even stairsteps. Pretty annoying in my opinion when you got a lot of rooms, but hey, it wasn’t I who built it! Okay, MAYBE I got a bit in painting it in your mind now but that is not my crime, you read what I wrote.
ADCotH: Swat the Cares Away by AgentC-24 ADCotH - Behind Door Murder 1 by SomePkmn-lovingdude ADCotH: Character Assassination by AgentC-24 TDT - ADCotH: Cake Crumbs by JWthaMajestic ADCotH: Sleuth or Dare by Rhodeway ADCotH: Offensible Arrest by AgentC-24 ADCotH: Flylock Holmes and The Bewildering Beehive by BluebottleFlyer The Mystery of the Blood-Stained Letter - part 3 by Granitoons Hotel in a Handbasket or The Doors of Deception by CowboyCrocket ADCotH - Lookin for Clues by SomePkmn-lovingdude Punch on the George by LaptopGeek Dead Body is Dead by EarthVStheDerek ADCotH: The Fall of J-Les by AgentC-24 TDT - ADCotH: How to Get Away with Cake by JWthaMajestic ADCotH - Heavy Sleeper by SEODrawsCartoons Comic Murder by CLXcool Rod' n' Prim' Investigate by Granitoons ADCotH - Mystery Not Solved by SomePkmn-lovingdude

with thanks to our performers :iconcowboycrocket: :icongranitoons: :icontopperhay: :iconsomepkmn-lovingdude: :iconurvy1a: :iconlaptopgeek: :iconjwthamajestic: :iconseodrawscartoons: :iconletrune: :iconrhodeway: :iconbluebottleflyer: :iconearthvsthederek: and :iconclxcool:

The jam ends on midnight EST on November 30, so best plan and draw while you can! Enjoy!
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AgentC is an artist interested in cars and cartoons. If you are interested in any of the subjects shown in his gallery, just send some feedback, and he will be happy to strike up a conversation!


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